• Dandi Daley Mackall – Award-Winning Author Dandi Daley Mackall always wanted to be a writer, even before she could hold a pencil. Her parents were great storytellers, so bringing characters to life seemed as natural as riding horses bareback, which she also grew up doing. Dandi won her first writing contest as a 10-year-old tomboy. Her 50 words on “Why I Want to Be Batboy for the Kansas City A’s” won first place, but the team wouldn’t let a girl be batboy. It was her first taste of rejection. Since then, Dandi has had over 400 titles published for children and about 25 for grown-ups, with millions of copies sold in over a dozen countries. She writes for every age and in nearly every genre. This year, she looks forward to the premiere of MY BOYFRIENDS’ DOGS, a new movie based on her popular book by the same title (October 18 at 9 pm EST on the Hallmark Channel). When she’s not writing from her home in rural Ohio, Dandi keeps busy doing school visits, keynoting at conferences, and enjoying her family, horses, dogs, cats, and a changing array of outdoor creatures. Visit her on the web at http://dandibooks.com.    

SCBWI on Ohio Radio

Ohio Public Radio 89.7FM WKSU featured an interview with Northern Ohio SCBWI members on The Regina Brett Show. "Children's Books," an hour-long radio show, originally aired Wednesday September 21, 2011. LISTEN to a recording of the show.


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