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Please note that a critique is not a submission. Critiques with “acquiring” faculty members (i.e., editors, agents, art directors) sell out quickly, but all attendees will receive information for post-conference submissions to acquiring faculty.

We’ve made some changes to how critiques will be handled this year due to the online format of the conference and fewer faculty.

    • • You may only sign up for one critique (manuscript or portfolio).
    • • All manuscript critiques will be written-only feedback.

Manuscripts submitted for critiques will be handled electronically. They should be in Microsoft Word document format with double-spacing and emailed to All submissions are due by August 31 (so that faculty will have adequate time to review them) for people registered at that time. For people registering after that date, please send your manuscripts within seven days of receiving your registration confirmation. People registering after 9/13 will not be able to sign up for manuscript critiques.


No cover letter or query letter is needed — please only send the manuscript (or excerpt). It’s tough to manage more than one file per person, and we have a lot of critiques!

If you are sending a section of your manuscript and you feel that synopsis is needed for the reviewer to understand the context, you can include one at the beginning of your manuscript, and it counts toward the page total (but a synopsis is brief, right? so it’s not cutting into the material to be reviewed).

Can I send more than one manuscript if it fits into my ten pages? Per one of my wise faculty members, “each manuscript, regardless of how short, requires the same amount of attention.” Remember that elements of a story to be assessed (e.g., character, plot, sense of place) apply to all genres. Please only include one project in the manuscript document.


• Include your name and contact info

• Microsoft Word format

• Double-spaced

• Check your page count (10 pages max)

• One story max (i.e., not 20 tiny picture book manuscripts)

• A query or cover letter is not needed

• One file per critique (However, if you choose to include a dummy with a picture book manuscript, you may also attach a PDF, less than 5MB in size)

• Email to

PORTFOLIO CRITIQUE ($45 additional fee)
You can receive feedback on your portfolio in a 15-minute, one-on-one online critique with a faculty member. You will need to provide a PDF of your portfolio, which will be uploaded to a secure location to be shared with the faculty member (details on the max size and recommended number of images is forthcoming). You will select the faculty member when you register (critique slots fill quickly). The time slots for the critiques will tentatively be held on 10/4. You will receive a notification of your time slot by 9/13.

MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE ($45 additional fee)
You may submit up to ten pages of your manuscript to be given a written-only critique by a faculty member. There will be no face-to-face meeting. You will select the faculty member when you register (critique slots fill quickly).