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Enrollment as a member of SCBWI INTERNATIONAL includes membership in your regional chapter!

P.A.L. Membershipconf13books
P.A.L. stands for Published and Listed.  P.A.L. membership is for those whose work for children (books, illustrations, articles, poems, photographs, etc.) have been commercially published by one of the organizations listed in the SCBWI Market Survey.  P.A.L. members may have a speaker’s listing in the “Find a Speaker” area of the site.  P.A.L. members are also able to sell their books at certain regional events where such sales are organized and sponsored by the regional chapter.  If you are not sure if you are eligible for P.A.L. status visit the SCBWI International Levels of Membership page.

Full Membership
Full Membership is available to those whose work for children (books, illustrations or photographs, films, electronic media available for purchase, articles, poems or stories) has been published or produced.

Associate Membership
Associate Membership is available to those with an interest in children's literature or media, whether or not they have been published or produced. Writers or illustrators who have been published in markets other than children's literature (but not in children's literature) would be considered Associate Members.

Dues: US $85 for the first year and US $70 each renewing year.

How to Join

Online: SCBWI International Registration

Email: Request a membership application by sending your name and postal address to

Phone: 323-782-1010 (fax: 323-782-1892)

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Benefits of Membership

The SCBWI is a professional guild providing information, education and establishing guidelines for professionalism within the profession. The group sponsors TWO annual International Conferences (Summer and Winter) on Writing and Illustrating Books as well as dozens of regional conferences and events throughout the world. memberbenfits

Each of the 70 regional chapters holds regional Events & Conferences. Paid members are automatically enrolled in their local chapter. Networking events including Manuscript/Illustration exchanges and critique groups, both in person and on-line.

SCBWI publishes a bi-monthly newsletter and provides many informational publications on the art and business of writing and selling written, illustrated and electronic material. Membership listing and a speakers bureau help others to find you!

Group health insurance is available for qualifying members as well as discounts on a variety of goods and services including office supplies, computers, and rental cars.

To see if you qualify contact The Entertainment Industry Group Insurance Trust (TEIGIT).

Visit the SCBWI International website for more information on benefits.